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Ampco Flashlight Group

Proostwetering 50
3543 AH Utrecht
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)30 241 4500
F: +31 (0)30 241 0638

E: info@ampco-flashlight.com

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Ampco and Flashlight, both founded in the 1970s, have been Holland's leading entertainment rental companies for almost four decades. The group continues to grow its portfolio by adding new products and services to cover the whole audiovisual spectrum of technologies: sound, lighting, video and rigging.


Today the Rentals and Sales divisions are active within the European audiovisual entertainment market with companies in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Romania. Most recently, the Group's rapidly expanding research and development activities has led to the creation of the Technology Division, which manufactures innovative solutions for the global entertainment technology marketplace.


Flashlight was originally involved in theatre productions, while Ampco had its clients in the live music scene. The two companies developed into very successful, full-service rental companies, providing services to live shows, corporate events, music, theatre and television. Both companies' successes led to the presence of Ampco as well as Flashlight at almost every important event, very often as a joint enterprise.


In the 1980s, in response to market demand, both companies also formed departments specialising in sales and installation; soon, Flashlight Sales and Ampco Audio Products were formed and quickly became major players. In the 1990s the Group took its first steps towards internationalisation by opening companies in Belgium and Germany for sales and rentals.


The long and fruitful co-operation between these companies led eventually to the formation of the Ampco Flashlight Holding B.V. on January 1st 2002, creating a group of companies unique in its diversitivity, yet complementary in its expertise. Bringing all these activities together was a challenging step which resulted in a combination of products and services that has been warmly received by the market – a step forward in the evolution of the international audiovisual entertainment industry.


The Group combines the flexibility of specialised teams with the advantages of scale and diversifications for the fast growing expectations of today's and tomorrow's clients, specifically focused on the demanding audiovisual and entertainment technology sector.


The Ampco Flashlight Group consists of three principal divisions: Sales, Rental and Technology, with companies operating under each of these divisions.